7 Effective Coffee Filter Substitute that Actually Work

You wake up after a good, long sleep only to find out that you can’t have coffee because you are out of coffee filters! Not a good start to the day, is it? Guess what, a coffee filter substitute might have saved you the trouble.

You do not have to go through such a coffee-deprived moment if you have the right substitute to your regular coffee filter. Running out of coffee filters might happen to you more than often if you are a coffee lover.

Let us discuss what options do you have if you’re out of coffee filters.

Go With the Napkins

Napkins or paper towels is one of the most commonly used and an inexpensive replacement for a coffee filter.

All you have to do is place the paper towel before you add those coffee grounds. The paper towel will be placed exactly where you would have placed the coffee filter.

To avoid any bitter after taste of coffee grounds passing through and into your cup, make sure the compartment is properly covered with the napkin.

Dish Towels

Dish towels can be equally good alternatives to coffee filters and can come in quite handy. Just place the dish towel, add the coffee grounds and let water run through the towel.

This is an inexpensive and environment-friendly solution that will filter even the finest of coffee grounds. However, since it will stain the towel, make sure to use one that you don’t really love!

How About a Cup of Cowboy Coffee

Well, if you’re okay with a bold and strong cup of coffee, made without a filter – cowboy coffee can be a good option.

Cowboy coffee can be made using no coffee filter at all. Once the coffee grounds settle, you can straight away enjoy your strong and flavorful cup of Joe.

Reusable Coffee Filters

Looking to save up on your regular coffee filter expense? Get one of the reusable coffee filters to enjoy cost-effective yet flavorful cups of coffee everyday.

Although, you can’t consider this option as a 100% substitute for coffee filter, but still it works better instead of having no coffee filter at all.

Reusable Tea Bags

If you are a regular or even an occasional tea person, there is a high chance that you might have those reusable tea bags in one of your kitchen cabinets. Guess what – they substitute coffee filter pretty well, too.

Just add your desirable amount of coffee grounds to the tea bag, seal it and add it to your coffee mug. Let it steep for a couple of minutes and remove the tea bag – Your coffee is ready!

One of the advantages of this alternative is that it creates no mess at all. Also, it gives you very less coffee grounds, which means you won’t be having too much bitterness in your cup.

Mesh Sieves

If you love to cook and you are wondering what can I use as a coffee filter? – Well, no need to worry. You must have a mesh sieve and that can solve your problem right away.

All you have to do is pour your coffee in a glass cup, add hot water over the coffee grounds, stir the mixture and let it steep for a few minutes.

Hold the mesh sieve over a mug and let the mixture pass through. Your flavorful cup of coffee is ready!

Coffee Sock Can Be a Good Coffee Filter Substitute

If you are wondering what this means, a coffee sock is an organic makeshift coffee filter used for specific brewing methods. This is usually made from untreated organic cotton, that has around 90% cellulose and is insoluble in water.

Add your favorite coffee grounds to the sock-shaped coffee filter, place it over your mug, add water and that is it – Enjoy your coffee!

DIY Coffee Filter

Looking for a nice replacement to your regular coffee filter, but don’t want to spend your bucks on it? – Let us give you a homemade coffee filter.

Just take a small piece of cloth or a muslin and cut it in a cone-shaped filter with the help of scissors or a sewing machine. You can also do it manually using a needle and a thread.

Once you have the perfect conical shape, just place it over your coffee mug, add coffee grounds and water. You won’t be deprived of a much-needed cup of coffee anymore!

How About No Coffee Filter

Well, it might sound weird but guess what – you can quench your coffee thirsts by going with an option that doesn’t require any coffee filter in the first place.

Using a French Press or those coffee percolators can come in quite handy here. All you would be needing is a heating source, a coffee pot, water and your favorite coffee grounds.

However, this method will let coffee grounds pass through into your cup, so if you’re okay with that, this might actually work for you.

Our Final Word on Coffee Filter Substitutes

Being a coffee enthusiast, running out of coffee filters at a wrong time can be really frustrating and demotivating. However, having the right coffee filter substitute can actually save your day from being ruined.

Whether you are going with a DIY option or one of those reusable filters – kicking off your day with that perfect cup of coffee is usually the deal-breaker. Moreover, the options we discussed are mostly eco-friendly, which means your coffee cravings won’t harm your planet.

So have your back up plan with you at all time and enjoy your coffee! 🙂

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